There is a time within communities when the forces for change become irresistible, when people and ideas come together to burst through historic barriers to make change happen. The key for successful communities is not to miss that moment of change. As we celebrate 200 years of Jewish life in Edinburgh and Scotland, the Edinburgh Jewish community has questioned what components we need to put in place that will nurture and support our growth and development in the 21st century and for the next 200 years.

Our mission is to create a dynamic Edinburgh Jewish Cultural Centre that will positively transform the Jewish landscape in Edinburgh and in Scotland.

Our goals encompass

  • making Jewish culture accessible to all;
  • becoming the focal point for sustaining and sharing Jewish life and arts, culture and learning; and
  • creating a space that nourishes and inspires people and brings people together to build bridges across divisions while enriching Edinburgh and Scotland as multi-cultural destinations.

The Edinburgh Jewish Cultural Centre (EJCC) will be just one of several components of a Jewish infrastructure that will contribute to the revitalisation of Jewish life in the City. It will complement already existing entities, making Edinburgh an attractive destination for Jews who want to make their home here or who come as visitors knowing they will find an easily accessible Jewish environment in which to worship, have a kosher meal, enjoy coffee, tea or another favourite beverage, or simply see a film with friends.

Making Jewish culture accessible to all

Bringing visibility to one of Scotland’s minority communities and contributing to the rich mix of cultural life in Scotland’s capital city, increasing the appeal of Edinburgh to the international community and increasing the quality, variety and volume of Jewish conversation in Scotland.

Making Jewish life, culture and community accessible to the widest possible range of people regardless of age, background or belief.

We will celebrate and respect diversity and make equality a cornerstone of everything we do.

We will help create better understanding and foster more positive relationships between different communities, cultures and people.

We will embrace, support and promote cultural initiatives from across the diverse community

Sustaining and sharing Jewish life and arts

Producing and hosting high-quality cultural, educational and recreational programmes that engage a wide and diverse audience.

Our Centre will house a rich, diverse and inspiring range of events, cultural, educational and recreational, from food to film, comedy to klezmer, hip hop to Hebrew.

We will offer the very best of Jewish programming to engage audiences from across Scotland and beyond, creating outstanding activities, classes and courses.

We will create and commission and curate, we will nurture and support new and existing talent.

We will actively encourage the sharing of knowledge and expertise and enable the cross fertilisation of ideas; we will create opportunities for collaborative partnerships between cultural and community organisations.

We will host activities generated by local, national and international programme providers, collaborating with partner organisations and festivals that share our aims and outlook.

A space that nourishes and inspires

Our Centre will be located in a community hub where there is existing pedestrian footfall and the potential for this footfall to increase in the future...

We will be a warm, welcoming venue, a truly inviting space: the heart of the community.

All Jewish people and others will be able to gather, meet, be comfortable and feel at home.

Our Centre and our events will be open to everyone, regardless of religious, cultural or other

We aim to bring added life and confidence to Scottish Jewry, filling it with a fresh sense of
optimism and pride.

A space that is accessible to all persons through in-depth consultation with potential
stakeholders and users to remove all physical and other barriers to participation. One
example of our commitment to accessibility will be the integration of induction hearing loops
throughout the building. Our accessibility policy and resources will be widely promoted to
the disabled community to encourage future engagement.

The building will be designed and operated to insure maximum adherence to the highest
principles of environmental sustainability.

Land acquisition, consulting fees and construction costs

£4,000,000 ($5,300,000)

The EJCC board is currently in discussions with the Edinburgh City Council regarding providing a gift of land or a long-term (75-year) lease agreement for land owned by the city. The successful outcome of these discussions may reduce the total capital investment cost.

Endowment funds

£2,000,000 ($2,600,000)

Estimated return on from typical investment rates will generate £100,000.00 ($130,000) per year to cover basic annual operating costs (administration and building maintenance costs).


£6,000,000 ($7,900,000)